Jennifer Brown Dr. Jennifer Brown
Dr. Jennifer Brown joined the Prairie Swine Centre (PSC) in 2009 where her research focuses on issues related to pig behaviour and welfare, including management of sows in group housing, the use of pain control at castration, transportation of nursery and finisher pigs, sow longevity and risk factors for sow mortality. In addition Jennifer teaches at the University of Saskatchewan where she is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Animal and Poultry Science. She has been active on numerous scientific committees, working with the Canadian Pork Council, National Farm Animal Care Council, National Pork Board (USA) and World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).
Dan Bussieres Dan Bussières
Swine nutritionist Dan Bussières co-founded Groupe Cérès Inc. in 2004. The company specializes in all areas of swine production, including consulting services in swine production, production and distribution of breeding stock, and sales of nutritional products. Group Cérès Inc. and its affiliates influence the feeding of more than 4.5 million pigs annually, including the supervision of nutrition and R&D for HyLife. Dan is also consulting in nutrition and production with Tianzow Breeding, a company in China that has 80,000 sows in production.
Mark Chambers Mark Chambers
Mark Chambers is the VP of Operations, Canadian Pork Divisions Sunterra Farms Ltd. looking after production from 18,000 sows. Over the past 23 years, he has moved up through the company managing various barns and locations. Today Mark’s responsibilities include the production side, financial, and staffing, which includes involvement in the foreign worker program. Originally from England and with experience in swine production, he joined Sunterra Farms in 1995. Mark is a member of the Agriculture Industry Labour Council of Alberta and co-chair of the National Labour Task Force.
Andrew Dickson Andrew Dickson
Andrew Dickson brings more than 43 years of experience to the livestock industry, including agricultural extension, legislative and regulatory policy development, and rural economic development. Since 2005, Andrew has been the General Manager for the Manitoba Pork Council, where he has helped develop new programming and services on food safety, disease management, financing packages, labour, barn developments, and sustainable pork production. Andrew has also played an important role in resolving trade issues with the United States, including Manitoba Pork’s Trade Advocacy Program. Prior to joining Manitoba Pork, he worked for the Manitoba government for thirty years in the Department of Agriculture in a variety of positions.
Georg Dusel Dr. Georg Dusel
Growing up on his parents’ swine farm in Bavaria/Germany and completing a farming apprenticeship in addition to practical traineeships, Prof. Dusel has a long history with pig production. Currently a professor of Animal Nutrition and Animal Health at the University of Applied Sciences Bingen, Germany, he teaches and conducts research programs in the area of animal nutrition and physiology, feed science, and feeding management systems. Dr. Dusel has authored or co-authored more than 60 peer-reviewed publications on animal nutrition and animal physiology.
Martine Giguere Martine Giguere
Agronomist Martine Giguère joined Agro-Bio Contrôle in 2017, where she works closely with the swine and poultry industries, and has spoken on water quality to industry, government and the veterinary community in Quebec. She graduated from McGill University in Montreal with a degree in agricultural science and holds a Master degree in Administration from Sherbrooke University.
Brad Heron Dr. Brad Heron
Dr. Brad Heron is Director of Operations for the Pork Division at Cherkizovo Group, Russia’s largest meat producer and second largest pork producer. The division has nearly doubled its annual total pigs marketed, on nearly the same sow base, over the last five years. Shortly after Brad assumed this position, Cherkizovo fell victim to an African Swine Flu outbreak. Despite the high cost of the outbreak, Cherkizovo emerged from its rebuilding effort demonstrating that, in the new global economic reality of ASF, the ROI on bio-security investments has never been so significant. Since the outbreak, Brad has led Cherkizovo as it has emerged on the forefront of developing procedures to prevent and contain this emerging threat to the international pork supply, including coordinating with experts in a number of fields as the industry continues to struggle with this threat.
Ron Ketchum Ron Ketchem
Ron Ketchum, co-owner of Swine Management Services, LLC, (SMS) has more than 35-years’ experience in the pig industry. The Nebraska-based company, a leading supplier of information solutions to the swine industry, is known for its SMS Farm Benchmarking program with more than 850 farms and 1.5 million sows, SMS Analysis Program with in-depth analysis of sow records with more than 180 farms and 400,000 sows, SMS Growing Benchmarking with over 30 million pigs, and SMS Carcass Evaluation with over 3 million carcasses. Ron is also involved in on-farm consulting in the US, Canada, China, Philippines and Australia.
Egbert Knol Dr. Egbert Knol
Dr. Egbert Knol is the research director of Topigs Norsvin. Dr. Knol ‘s research has included the genetics of piglet survival, the results of which were immediately implemented in all TOPIGS lines. A simultaneous project yielded very valuable insight in the background of the genetics of survival. His original work and publications were on quantitative aspects of protein deposition and on piglet survival and mothering ability. Current work has shifted towards the application of genomics in its widest sense, with a special interest in #teats; it serves as a test trait for protocol and estimation software. Dr. Knol has co-authored papers on indirect genetic effects, tail biting, non-castration and boar taint and more as a result of The Netherlands “party for the animals” parliamentary discussions on animal welfare. Results from these research efforts have started to gradually enter the breeding program of Topigs Norsvin. Egbert currently serves as president of the Pig Commission of the European Association of Animal Production.
Tia Landry Tia Landry
Agrologist Tia Landry is a production analyst for Maple Leaf Agri-Farms (MLAF). A graduate of the University of Manitoba’s animal science department, Tina began her career as an animal care technician in a sow barn. However she quickly moved into a role with the MLAF’s training team where she focused on the hands-on care of the animals on farm. Her passion for animal welfare continues to fuel her career in the swine industry.
Pedro Mosqueria Dr. Pedro Mosqueira
Veterinarian Pedro Mosqueira is PIC’s Global Technical Services Manager. For more than 12 years, Dr. Mosqueira has worked with pig producers to improve profitability through technical services in sow farms with a special focus on batch farrowing, group housing, gilt management, sow retention.
Tomas Norton Dr. Tomas Norton
Based in the Division of Animal and Human and Health Engineering (group of M3-BIORES) at the KU Leuven, Dr. Tomas Norton holds a PhD in Biosystems Engineering from University College Dublin (Ireland). His current research focus is on Prairie Livestock Farming (PLF) applications, focussing on real-time modelling and control of animal bio-responses. He is PI and co-PI on collaborative National and International projects funded by the Belgium government and USA. He is coordinator of courses on Measuring, Modelling and Managing Bio-responses and Sustainable PLF, and Animal Production Engineering at the KU Leuven. Since 2018 he has been Chair of Section 2 of International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR).
Eric Olson Eric Olson
Eric Olson, BSAg, PAg, is a Farm Management Consultant working out of MNP’s Winnipeg office. Working closely with his clients, Eric helps owners of small and large farm operations make effective business decisions so they can increase the profitability of their farms and enhance their competitive edge. With more than 30 years working in the agricultural industry, Eric has an unparalleled understanding of local and international market conditions, which he uses to help producers strategically develop their operations. His services include assisting with strategic planning—helping clients identify and take action toward long-term goals—as well as engaging in business planning to set goals for the next one to three years.
Brett Ramirez Dr. Brett Ramirez
An assistant professor at Iowa State University, Dr. Brett Ramirez’s research and extension program encompasses swine and poultry production systems with a primary focus on: ventilation systems, natural resource and energy efficiency, animal energetics, environmental control, and precision livestock farming. The mission is to provide and advance the science and technology needed to address these areas in animal production systems. Through mentoring students on fundamental and applied research projects, his program aims to generate practical solutions to current and emerging issues surrounding animal agriculture and its producers.
Kyla Ripley Kyla Ripley
Kyla Ripley brings more than 20 years of hog industry experience to her role as general manager for Carlo Genetics Inc. With her background in agriculture and animal science, along with several years managing two different AI Centres and a decade plus of industry experience in domestic and export logistics management, Kyla has demonstrated her extensive experience and understanding of the industry. Kyla leads the team of professionals at Carlo Genetics with keen focus on quality control, dedication to animal husbandry, and a commitment to embracing advancements in AI technology.
Trish Schmalenberg Tricia Schmalenberg
As environment manager at Maple Leaf Agri-Farms, Professional Engineer Tricia Schmalenberg is responsible for waste storage infrastructure, nutrient application, regulatory compliance and water management at more than 100 Maple Leaf farms. With more than 15 years’ experience in the agricultural sector and her work with the Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative (MLMMI), Trish is an expert on the issues of manure handling and PEDv.
Mario Tenuta Dr. Mario Tenuta
A professor of applied soil ecology, Dr. Mario Tenuta leads the University of Manitoba’s soil ecology laboratory. The laboratory tackles applied questions to give farmers and industry solutions to increase profitability while improving soil and environmental health. These include: improving nitrogen use efficiency of crops, mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, documenting the benefits of 4R nutrient management practices, development of rapid molecular tests and field surveys of emerging soilborne diseases and nematode pests of crops, and comparison of sustainability of crop and livestock production systems on the Canadian Prairies. Mario has international experience through research in California, Peru, and China (Inner Mongolia and Xinjian Province) and participation in a Canada Food Grain Bank Project in East Africa. From 2006 to 2017 he served as the Canada Research Chair in Applied Soil Ecology.
Chengbo Yang Dr. Chengbo Yang
An assistant professor in Livestock Nutrition and Nutritional Biochemistry in the animal science department at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Chengbo Yang’s research focuses on gut health and nutrient utilization relevant to non-ruminants. His research has been supported by NSERC, Canada Foundation for Innovation, and USDA. He currently serves as an editorial board member for three journals including the Canadian Journal of Animal Science.
Scott Zaari Dr. Scott Zaari
Dr. Scott Zaari is Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Animal Health & Welfare Branch. Scott holds a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Calgary with an emphasis in Ecosystem and Public Health and has completed an internship with the OIE (the World Organisation for Animal Health) in Paris, France. Originally from Alberta, Scott began his career as a mixed animal veterinarian in Brooks where he provided veterinary services to many of the cow-calf producers in the area. More recently he worked for the OIE as a Projects Officer in their Sub-Regional Representation in South East Asia. He supported the development of the OIE’s PVS Pathway Programme in nine member countries. Later he coordinated field projects for the OIE including Rabies control in stray dog populations as well as a large-scale Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) Control program in Myanmar. In this role, Scott had the unique opportunity to work alongside the Myanmar government and small scale producers to operationalize their largest ever FMD surveillance and vaccination programme in the country.