Ian R. Seddon Memorial Awards

In memory of Dr. Ian R. Seddon, the Manitoba Swine Seminar has established an endowment fund at the University of Manitoba. This fund is used to offer two awards in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (degree and diploma) focusing on the swine industry.

Award Recipients (Degree Program)

2019 – Natasha Brown (Winnipeg)
2018 – B. Montenegro-Gonzales (Kenton)
2017 – Courtney White (Oak Bluff)
2016 – Jordan Shapera (Winnipeg)
2015 – no recipient
2014 – Katrina Delaquis (Swan Lake)
2013 – Allison Hunter (Ashcroft, British Columbia)
2012 – Carollyne Kehler (Steinbach)
2011 – Melissa Desrochers (Winnipeg)
2010 – Kane Christiuk (Steinbach)
2009 – no recipient

Award Recipients (Diploma Program)

2019 – Grace Wiens (Glenlea)
2018 – Katryn Dequier (Haywood)
2017 – Joel Friesen (Mitchell)
2016 – Daniel Martin (East Selkirk)
2015 – Emily Boonstra (Meadows)
2014 – Justin Krahn (Crystal City)
2013 – Tanner Nicoll (MacGregor)
2012 – Gustavo Mejicanos (Winnipeg)
2011 – Pamela Roberts (Winnipeg)
2010 – Brittany Windsor (Manitou)
2009 – Earl Silinski (La Broquerie)

Dr. Seddon was dedicated to helping the pork industry. As co-chair of the Manitoba Swine Seminar for many years, he took great strides to make certain that Manitoba producers were provided with the most recent developments in technology and information, helping to ensure the long-term productivity, profitability and sustainability of our industry.

For information on contributing to this endowment fund, contact Robyn Harte at (204) 945-5402 or Dallas Ballance at (204) 475-8585 or dallas@goodwinballance.ca.